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fire, walk with me

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I suppose I love this life, in spite of my clenched fist.

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24 yrs old. queer. they/them. witch.
sun in aquarius/moon in libra.

agent dale cooper, alice in wonderland, anatomy, angels and demons, animal bones, animal skulls, animals, antiques, apples, armor, art, arts and crafts, astronomy, audrey horne, baths, bats, blood, bones, books, botany, buffy the vampire slayer, candles, canyons and deserts, carl sagan, cecilia lisbon, city of lost children, coffee and cigarettes, constellations, courtney love, crafting, crosses, crows, crystals, cuts and bruises, dame darcy, dangerous angels, david lynch, death, diy, drawing, dream interpretation, dreams, early 1900s, edgar allen poe, edwardian, fabrics, feathers, films, florals, flowers, forests, foxes, francesca lia block, fruit, gardening, gardens, ghosts, ghouls, gin, glitter, graveyards, halloween, herbs, hole, horror, iceland, incense, jeanne d'arc, katiejane garside, knee socks, lace, lenore, lingerie, lolita, magick, mazzy star, messy rooms, minerals, moomin, moss, moths, mushrooms, my little pony, mythology, nail polish, nature, nectarines, neil gaiman, nests, nosebleeds, old houses, old things, painting, peaches, photography, pills, pink, plants, poetry, pressed flowers, pretty baby, punk, reading, rosaries, saints, sandman, scars, secrets, self-injury, siamese twins, sideshow freaks, sisterhood, skeleton keys, spirituality, surrealism, sylvia plath, tarot, tattoos, taxidermy, teacups, the lisbon sisters, the moon and stars, the occult, the past, the sea, the secret garden, the universe, the virgin suicides, thrift stores, thrifting, tiaras, tom waits, twin peaks, velvet, victorian, walking, watching the stars, weetzie bat, witch baby, witchcraft, witches, wolves, writing, zines